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Thank to Our Grandmother

The Building owned by the Grandmother in 1934 as a family home. Her dear and only son Güngör Evrensel and his wife Nevin Evrensel started to run the place as a guest house with many extentions since 1987 after retired British Petrolium.


Their daughter Yeşim Evrensel was the right hand of them. In 2008 Evrensels got their second retirements to enjoy the rest of their life and spend some time with their grandchilds. Their daughter Yeşim got married with Ahmet Turan and got the "Turan" surname. Yeşim, Ahmet and their dear and only daughter Derin are operators of the "New Berk Guest House - Grandma's House"


Yeşim has graduated from Istanbul University with BS degree in World Geography. She continued her education in U.K. in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Gloucestershire College, Gloscat, Cheltenham. She is fluent in English and speaks some French and Italian.


She has traveled all around Turkey. Abroad she has visited England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Israel and USA.


Yeşim has guided some select North American tour groups throughout Turkey.


She has extensive knowledge of Istanbul and Turkey as a whole.


Yeşim's dear brother Berk, has studied and graduated in USA. He is living in USA with his dear family.

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